Welcome to the Page County Republican Party

Trump Survives Assassination Attempt at Rally

What strength and resolve in his continued fight for us.  Evil is abound, and it is clear we have entered an extremely dangerous period.  God bless Donald Trump and our county. – Michael Overfelt, GOP Chairman.

Virginia has not elected a Republican President since 2004!

This Trump 2024 display is off of Hwy 211 by-pass across from the Sheriff’s garden.

If purchasing online or mailing a check, you DO NOT need to show proof of purchase.  We will have a list of those attendees.  You will recieve an email with your purchase details.  If purchasing a paper ticket from your District Chair, please BRING your ticket to the event. 


New Page County Republican Headquarters!

On 1 July 2024, the Page County Republican opened a new headquarters location at 300 West Main Street, Luray, VA.

This facility will provide the Republicans of Page County a place to hold our monthly meetings; conduct training sessions, e.g. Polling, Precinct Captains functions, Canvasing, etc.; provides an office location for our elected Republican leaders where they can meet with constituents; and a resource for our Page County Republicans to obtain election materials and Trump/Cline/Cao political signs.

We are grateful to Water Plus for allowing us to lease the building and especially grateful to the Republican Women who gave of their time and talent to decorate the building. We are proud of their efforts. There are many others who contributed to the efforts and they will be recognized at our next meeting, which will be held at this new location at 6:00 PM, 23 July 2024. The meeting agenda and additional information will be published by 15 July.

We intend to hold a soft opening on 4 July from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. We will have our Grand Opening on 13 July from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Our standard hours of operation and staffing are being finalized and will be posted at our entrance. Come by and visit. 

Michael Overfelt
Chairman, Page County Republican Committee

“The Calm before the Storm!”

Pictured here putting up the first Trump and Cline signs in Page County on Tuesday, is JD Cave. Many thanks to JD for his generosity and willingness to give his time, equipment and funding to ensure the Trump signage was in place early. I thought the caption to be appropriate as we are facing a storm of Democratic untrue and unkind rhetoric.

Also want to give a big shout out to the landowners who allowed us to put up the signs over the last three days.

Thank You for Getting out and Voting!

Monday night, 10 June, some Page County Republicans attended a reception and fund raiser for US Congressman Ben Cline at Seven Springs Farm, the home of Rockingham’s Commonwealth Attorney Masrha Garst and Dave Rao in Linville, VA.

Pictured above, left to right – Mr Eddie Sours, Mr Keith Ryan (Treasurer Page County Rebublican Committee), Mrs Mary Overfelt, Congressman Ben Cline, Mrs Diane Hirsch and Mr Tom Hirsch.

Everything Costs More Thanks To Joe Biden

Biden can try to gaslight the American people about his failed economy, but Bidenomics has made life for working families harder and unaffordable.

In Joe Biden’s economy everything costs more.
  • April’s Consumer Price Index increased 3.4% compared to last year – twice the rate compared to when Biden took office and higher than expected.
  • Inflation has been at or above 3% for 37 straight months, well above the Fed’s average target of 2%.
    • Core consumer prices – stripping out food and energy rose by 3.6%.
    • Since Biden took office prices have risen by 19.9%.
    • On year over year basis, inflation under Biden has averaged 5.5% more than double the level of inflation seen under any of the last 4 presidents.
    • Groceries are up a whopping 21.3% since Biden took office.
  • Families are struggling with persistent inflation.
    • Real wages remain lower than when Biden first took office.
    • Under Joe Biden, the cost of living is becoming increasingly unaffordable.
  • Hardworking Americans are struggling to survive financially as Bidenomics continues to drain the wallets of families and businesses across the country.
    • Bidenomics has cost the middle class $2.4 trillion since March 2022.
    • Americans have now lost over $4,170 paying higher energy costs since Biden took office.
    • The Fed has hiked interest rates 11 times since March 2022 – now at their highest level in 22 years – making it harder   for families to buy a home, finance a car, pay off debt, and perform various other financial transactions.
    • Americans are struggling to pay their debts, save for retirement, or afford rent.
    • For the lower 80% of American households, liquid assets have dropped below pre-pandemic levels and Americans are quickly depleting any savings accumulated during the pandemic, with only 20% of households above board.
    • To make matters worse, more Americans are taking on additional debt just to cover daily expenses, finding their regular income is no longer enough to make ends meet.
  • Polling shows that Americans are not happy with Biden’s economy.
    • A majority of Americans rate the economy as poor, according to a New York Times poll.
    • Only 38% of voters rate the Biden economy as good, compared to 65% under President Trump, according to CBS News.
    • More voters currently view Trump as better for the economy than Biden, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll.
    • As working-class families struggle to make ends meet thanks to inflation, voters know Democrats are to blame for rising prices.
  • Republican-led states continue to drive job growth.

Bottom Line: Americans know the only way back to economic prosperity is re-electing President Donald J. Trump in November.


 We’re happy you are here!

We welcome you to our website and to the Republican Party.  Please join us as we continue to build a Republican party in Page County that is diverse, open and inclusive to everyone who wants to participate in our political process.

Our purpose is to promote Republican values to our members and throughout our community, and to support Republican candidates in their election campaigns.

Learn about what we do to encourage all citizens to become active in their local, state and federal government, to register to vote, and then make their voices heard at the ballot box in every election.

Meet Michael Overfelt

Chair of  the Page County Republican Party

Michael has been a Republican and active supporter all his adult life, believing in the tenants of the party and supporting it goals and policies. He is a strong constitutional conservative and Christian who believes in America and its citizenry. He believes that Republicans must work together to support our country and its core values of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. He believes that a critical purpose of the GOP is to select and promote qualified candidates/nominees to key positions within our local, state, and federal governing bodies. He welcomes conservatives from all walks of life to join to build and protect our Republic.  (Full BIO)