Welcome to the Page County Republican Party

Note from the Chairman…

Greetings to all our Page County Republicans and committee members. I wanted to take a this opportunity to inform everyone of the new members of the Page County Republican Party Executive committee. 

Chairman: Michael Overfelt
1st Vice Chairperson: Shirron Ballard
2nd Vice Chairperson: RJ Judd
Treasurer: Keith Ryan
Secretary: VACANT – looking for a volunteer
Precinct 1 Chairperson: Karen Kebrle
Precinct 2 Chairperson: Jeremy Hillard
Precinct 3 Chairperson: Eric Smith
Precinct 4 Chairperson: Jane Judy
Precinct 5 Chairperson: Charles Queen

We hope to find someone to be our secretary during the next meeting. 

Updated committee Bylaws are complete and will be forwarded to committee members for review this week. It is our intention to vote on them during the May committee meeting which will provide everyone plenty of time to review them. 

We now have five (5) candidates for Virginia’s US Senate Seat:
Hung Cao
Edward C. “Eddie” Garcia, Jr.
Jonathan W. Emord
C.L. “Chuck” Smith, Jr.
Scott Thomas Parkinson

Click HERE to read about each candidate

Early voting begins 3 May and the primary is 18 Jun.  Mark your calendars now, we must retire Senator (D) Tim Kaine. 


Picnic Table Fundraiser

Click HERE to learn more and purchase a table.

6th District Mass Meeting – May 11, 2024

HERE are the candidates for the upcoming 6th Congressional District Mass Meeting to which Page GOP will send delegates to vote. Of note is that Dean Peterson, from Page county, is running for State Central Committee.



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 We’re happy you are here!

We welcome you to our website and to the Republican Party.  Please join us as we continue to build a Republican party in Page County that is diverse, open and inclusive to everyone who wants to participate in our political process.

Our purpose is to promote Republican values to our members and throughout our community, and to support Republican candidates in their election campaigns.

Learn about what we do to encourage all citizens to become active in their local, state and federal government, to register to vote, and then make their voices heard at the ballot box in every election.

Meet Michael Overfelt

Chair of  the Page County Republican Party

Michael has been a Republican and active supporter all his adult life, believing in the tenants of the party and supporting it goals and policies. He is a strong constitutional conservative and Christian who believes in America and its citizenry. He believes that Republicans must work together to support our country and its core values of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. He believes that a critical purpose of the GOP is to select and promote qualified candidates/nominees to key positions within our local, state, and federal governing bodies. He welcomes conservatives from all walks of life to join to build and protect our Republic.  (Full BIO)